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CE Marking

Standard EN 12101-2 permanently replaces the French Standard (NF) covering:
- Roof-mounted smoke ventilators,
- Facade-mounted smoke ventilation openings, on 1 January 2007 at the latest.

For more information on the implications of this normative obligation, you can flick through our guide.

SOUCHIER ranges have all had “CE” Marking since 1 September 2006

Roof-mounted smoke ventilators:
- with two leaves: Certiciel-T and Certilight-T range
- louvered: Certilam-T and Certilux-T

Facade-mounted smoke ventilation openings:
- OTF with surface-mounted motor mechanism
- Exubaie with recessed motor mechanism
- louvered: Certilam-F and Certilux-F


- EN 12101-2: European standard governing natural smoke exhaust ventilators.
- NF S 61.930: Systems contributing to fire safety.
- NF S 61.931: General provisions.
- NF S 61.932: Installation rules.
- NF S 61.933: Usage and maintenance rules.
- NF S 61.934: Fire Safety Control Systems (CMSI).
- NF S 61.935: Signalling Unit.
- NF S 61.937-1: DAS (Stand-alone fire activated safety devices): General requirements.
- NF S 61.938: Control units.
- NF S 61 939: pneumatically powered safety systems.
- NF S 61.940: electrically powered safety systems.
- FD S 61.949: Comments and interpretation of NF standards S 61.931 to 61.939.

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