Oujda international Airport

With its brand new terminal (T2) the Oujda airport became now the second airport in Morocco after Casablanca.

The design of the new Oujda airport symbolize an ‘iron bird’.
The architects wanted the passengers to look at the airport from the sky and see a ‘bird’ shape.


On a total area of 444 ha, the airport is composed of two terminals :
Oujda international Airport Terminal 1 : with a capacity of 500 000 passengers
- Terminal 2 : with an area of 20 000 m² and a capacity of 2 millions passengers.

170 Certilux according to CE norm EN 12101-2 are directly integrated into the façade.
- The blades are in glass ‘green parsol” 64.2mm and equipped electrically 24V.
- Therefore the units can be controlled for smoke ventilation as well as for daily ventilation.

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Contracting authority : Office national des aéroports
Architect : Mr Abdou Lahlou

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