Banque Populaire Atlantique
1 rue Françoise Sagan, Saint Herblain - 44000 Nantes

The architects were faced with the seemingly impossible task of combining natural smoke ventilation with the bioclimatic management of a fully glazed oval office building.

Saint-Herblain: a new head office for the Banque Populaire Atlantique
The BPA is the result of the merger between the BPAV (Banque Populaire Anjou Vendée) and the BPBA (Banque Populaire Nantes Atlantique), and has recently built a head office to accommodate the new company.

With a surface area of nearly 13,000m2 alongside the ring road (porte de Saint-Herblain exit), this new building which is workplace for 400 to 1,500 bank employees. The excellent location provides easy access to its clients in the départements of Finistère, Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Morbihan and Vendée.

The parcels of air trapped inside the double facade (an empty space of around 1m) are heated by the sun and dispersed around the building by opening/closing the CERTILUX F glass leaves.
Positioned at the base and at the top, the CERTILUX F operate as “sluice gates” in winter by sending the heated air into the building, and expelling it in summer. They also form part of the sound and heat insulation system.
The whole system is automated and controlled by the CTM (Centralised Technical Management) system.

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