Certilight is a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator (NSHEV)

- Roof ventilator with two leaves
- Activated by push cylinders mounted on cross-pieces

Certilight Glazed or opaque, noise or heat protection.
- Available in all RAL colours and anodised coatings.
- NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator) comprising two openings.
-  Installation instead of two panes, in the case of glass roofs or atriums.
- It can also be delivered mounted on an upstand for roof installation.

- Unwrought thermal break aluminium joinery fittings: outer fixed frame and opening frame.
- Adaptation for window beams.
- Adaptation for upstands.

Standardised dimensions
Bespoke construction, a ventilator comprising two leaves
- Overall width per leaf: min 950, max 2200 mm
- Overall height per leaf: min 800, max 1600 mm

Performances satisfying EN 12101-2

Activation automatic + manual
Opening Type B opening + closing
AFA (Aa) depending on dimensions, upstand and windshields
Cycles Re 1,000
Re 10,000 in daily ventilation option in all versions
Snow load SL 250, 500 and 1 000
Low temperature T -15°C electric and T -25°C pneumatic
Static wind resistance WL = 1500 Pa
Fire resistance B 300°C
Reaction to fire depending on filling
Motor mechanism pneumatic and electrical
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