Certilight Pitch Roof

Certilight is a roof mounted double flaps Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator (NSHEV) installed on pitch roof inclined from 15 to 45 degrees from horizontal. Outward opening with cylinder within the throat motorization.
Its location is always done with the leaves facing each other on the same side of a slope with an angle of 90 degrees.
Equipped with windshields it can increase the aeraulic performances.

Certilight Pitch Roof

- NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator) comprising two openings
- Infill: Glazed, opaque, acoustic or thermal
- Available in all RAL colors and anodized finishes
-  Installation instead of two panes of glass in the case of glass roofs or atriums.
- Certilight can also be delivered fixed on upstand for roof installation*

*On glass roof or atriums Certilight can be installed to replace two panes of glass

- Aluminium thermally broken profiles for the fixed and opening frames
- Adaptation on demand (adaptation to enable integration on the existing structure)
- Adaptation for upstand

Standardised dimension
Tailor made double flap ventilator
- Overall width per leaf: mini 950 - maxi 2200 mm
- Overall height per leaf: mini 700 - maxi 1600 mm


Performances satisfying EN 12101-2

Activation automatic + manual
Opening Type B opening + closing
AFA (Aa) depending on dimensions, upstand and windshields
Cycles Re 1.000
Re 10,000 in daily ventilation option in all versions
Snow load SL 250, 500 and 1 000
Low temperature T -15 °C electric and T -25°C pneumatic
Static wind resistance WL = 1500 Pa
Fire resistance B 300 °C
Reaction to fire depending on filling
Motorisation pneumatic and electrical
With Windshield Without Windshield
Without Upstand 0,55 ≤ Cv ≤ 0,65 0,20 ≤ Cv ≤ 0,24
With Upstand 0,61 ≤ Cv ≤ 0,69 0,37 ≤ Cv ≤ 0,46
+ de NSHEV Roofing architectural
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