Climatic engineering


1 - Building cooling:
Climatic engineering Natural ventilation: night-time, general
- Linking ventilation and air conditioning

2 - Study of temperatures and comfort inside the building

3 - Study of the contribution of solar energy and its impact according to the nature of the building envelope

4 - Study of building inertia and insulation: consequences in summer and winter

5 - Evaluation of energy savings

The principle of climatic engineering

The climatic study of a building is based on the analysis of the materials of which it consists, its structure and heat generating elements. It is then possible to imagine various scenarios according to the above parameters and to observe the thermal response of the building according to them. The desired level of climate control can then be achieved by comparing the results of the study with the pre-defined objectives.

Souchier has developed a model of buildings’ thermal behaviour and calculation software which can be used to study the climate of a building according to parameters such as:

1 - Location and environment

2 - Composition of the envelope:
- Opaque elements
- Glazed elements
- Thermal bridges

3 - Solar protection

4 - Ventilation and air conditioning systems

5 - Installations (lighting, IT equipment, specific sources of heat, etc.)

6 - Activity inside the building

By exhaustively detailing the input elements in the study and using a carefully designed, detailed mathematical model, Souchier can provide and guarantee figures which characterise and quantify the thermal behaviour of a building and its internal atmosphere:
- Temperature
- Hygrometry
- Air flow rates/renewal
- Energy consumption levels


- Contribution to European energy saving policies (European Directive on Building Energy Performance), French policies (RT 2005 ) and more
- Design of high environmental quality and bioclimatic buildings
- Reduction of operating costs
- Alternative to air conditioning
- Option to use natural smoke exhaust systems for natural ventilation

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