Exubaie is a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator (NSHEV)

- Smoke ventilation facade opening
- With “invisible” mechanism integrated into the recesses of the joined profiles.

Exubaie Extruded aluminium outer frame and opening leaf
- Metal fittings: French or English-style downward and upward opening leaf (interior/exterior)
- Natural tinted basic anodic coating
- RAL colour coatings and other anodic treatments on request

- Conventional joinery (STD)
- Thermal break joinery fittings (RPT)
- Adaptation to curtain walls

Standardised dimensions
Bespoke construction
Min and max dimensions in overall width and height for downward or upward opening frames
- Min: 550 x 550mm
- Max: 1600 x 1600mm or 2400 x 1200mm
- Leaf weight 60kg
- For French or English-style frames, maximum dimensions are limited to 900 x 1800 or 800 x 2400mm
- Leaf weight 50kg

Performances satisfying EN 12101-2

Activation automatic + manual
Opening Type A and B (opening only and opening and closing)
AFA depending on dimensions and opening angle and type
Cycles Re 1000
Re 10000 in daily ventilation option for models concerned
Low temperature T – 00°C (T -15 °C in production)
Static wind resistance WL = 1500 Pa
Fire resistance B 300 °C
Reaction to fire depending on filling
Motor mechanism pneumatic, electrical and mechanical

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