Hermitage Gantois **** Hotel & Museum - Lille

This former 15th century hospice is a listed Historic Monument and was restored under the direction of the Historic Monuments Authority.

Souchier manufactured and installed 21 roof-mounted "Ventibaie" smoke ventilators which were specially designed for this project and featured pneumatic or electrical control depending on their positioning.

The roof-mounted Ventibaie are discreetly enclosed in the slate roof covering or in the tiling in order to maintain the architectural integrity of the building, a solution which satisfies safety requirements in the area of smoke ventilation.

Thanks to a comprehensive technical dossier supplied by ourselves, the “Preventec” inspection office gave its approval for our solution to the Historic Monuments Authority.

This project gained press coverage in the June/July issue of Atrium Construction. You can see the article here.

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Project owner: SLIH (Société Lilloise d’Investissement Immobilier)
Architect: Agence Maes - 2 place Genevières – 59000 Lille
Main contractor: SAE Nord Pas de Calais groupe Eiffage Construction - 35 Allée du Chargement BP 327 – 59666 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex

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