Chaptal High School - Paris

Installation of a smoke ventilation opening in the facade of a half-timbered building.

The openings to be replaced were frames so the facade openings had to have the same measurements as the replaced openings and fit in with the “narrow timber” architecture of the existing structure.

Souchier opted for Exubaie smoke ventilation openings.
At the base of each fitting, an outward-opening frame acts as air intake and there is a fixed central part. At the top there is an outward-opening frame. Invisible mechanisms with position switch. Opening servo-controlled by the fire detection system.

Imitation “narrow timber” with no connectors, added using appliqué. “Dummy” central mullions so that the frame fits in with the retained frames. Glazing-style covering for the aluminium risers to reduce the visible profiles of the risers.

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Project owner: Ville de Paris – Direction du Patrimoine et de l’Architecture 75012 PARIS
Architect: Alain ROMBAULT – 11 rue Royale 78000 Versailles
Main contractor: Bérault Lacroix – 129 rue du Faubourg du Temple 75010 PARIS

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