Metz railway station
1 place du Général De Gaulle - 57000 Metz

Sectioning off the allocated area from the station area in order to avoid smoke and vapours spreading to the other sections of the station (passageway leading to the entrance hall).
We were asked to maintain the sightlines in the halls and passageways.

Installation of three retractable smoke isolation screens which:
Metz railway station in waiting position make the most of the large volumes of the station canopy;
- in the event of fire, are deployed to prevent smoke from spreading.

Two screens positioned at the side, each 5 metres long, and one 10-metre-long screen positioned in the central section above three arch-shaped passageways.
The latter screens are ready to be deployed to 2.60m if fire is detected.

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Project owner: SNCF
Project supervisor: Arep
Installer: Souchier

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- Moving sectioning screens
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