Moving sectioning screens
Simple and aesthetically-pleasing, they help to prevent the spread of toxic fumes

Moving sectioning screens A fire resistant sheet
- Ballasted by a supporting rod
- A spindle to roll the sheet up and down
- Enters safety position by disengagement of the spindle and descent of the sheet by gravity
- Sheet hoisted by 24 VCC tubular motor
- One metal box positioned in the ceiling or the subceiling
- An electric control unit

Standardised dimensions
- Max total screen width: 50 metres (with the overlapping of several screens with a unit width of up to 5m)
- Max height: 12m


Conformity with EN 12101-1 and NFS 61 937-1
In waiting position, screen rolled up inside a box at the top
In deployed position, it provides a sectioning screen which prevents the spread of fumes
Operates in “positive safety” mode: deploys when the electricity supply (24VCC) is cut off
“M0” (French fire rating) fabric complying with IT 246

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