Nancy covered market
Place Mengin, 54000 NANCY

The renovation of the covered market in Nancy involved extending it by developing a new retail space inside the old one.

The objective of the architect responsible for this project was to bring as much natural light as possible into this Historic Monument. This additional light was achieved by installing a glass canopy in the roof and on the outer facade.

The installation of smoke ventilators had to respect both the need to integrate the canopies into the building and the desire of the architect to provide natural light.

Sticking point: the glass canopy is a perfect location for smoke ventilation devices.
For the smoke ventilators, the client wanted products with performance levels equivalent to those of the canopy in terms of heat insulation and aesthetics.
As the building is not air conditioned, the Project owner wanted to be able to use the devices for daily ventilation.

Solution chosen: we suggested lacquer-coated thermal break CERTILIGHTS with double glazing, which fit unobtrusively into the canopy. They are electrically controlled.
The client can use these products for smoke ventilation, but also for daily ventilation.

Components of the installation:
Nancy covered market Six CERTILIGHTS,
- One control unit with uninterruptible power supply (modular unit).

The products used comply with standard NF EN 12101-2 and are CE certified

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