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Choosing a pneumatic control unit

The energy used may be carbon dioxide or compressed air. They can be installed:
Pneumatic control units IN OPENING ONLY FITTINGS,

The control units used for daily ventilation must be connected to a compressed air network. An uninterruptible supply, either by CO2 cartridge or compressed air bottles, is necessary.


- easy to use;
- optional single control unit for all smoke ventilators or opening frames in a section;
- travel lengths and the contours in them have no impact on the way the installation functions;
- the cost of the uninterruptible energy source (CO2 cartrdige);
- optiion for remote activation, by remote control:

  • electromagnetic 24/48 Vcc by current injection or break;
  • pneumatic by CO2.


- Graduated opening is less precise than with an electric installation.
- Need to have access to a compressed air network for use as part of a daily ventilation installation.
- Need to incorporate electro-pneumatic elements in the case of automatic control.


- Usage pressure:

  • compressed air = 5/8 bars,
  • CO2 = 12/20 bars.

- The smoke exhaust function must always take priority over the daily ventilation function.
- Choose cylinder diameters according to the forces needed to open and close the ventilator.
- Copper tubing must be used for all ducts and sealed metal for joins.
- Check that the installation is sealed before acceptance and use.
- Install an air filter upstream of the daily ventilation control unit.

The main parameters to consider are:

ACCESSIBILITY/MARKING OF MATERIALS (NF S 61-932, 10-2). Control units must not be hidden by an open door, etc. Marking symbols must comply with standard NF ISO 6309, signal no.1.

REMOTE RESETTING OF SAFETY DEVICES (NF S 61-932, 8-2-4). Mandatory for any smoke ventilator and any facade opening for which the resetting unit is located more than 3m away on the closest floor. The unit used to reset the ventilator must be located in the zone where the safety devices are installed. This unit must be accessible only by authorised persons and emergency services (at least authorisation level 1).

INSTALLING CONTROL UNITS (NF S 61-932, 8-2). The unit used to control the safety device must be located at least 180cm above floor level. When this unit is accessible at authorisation level 0, all the devices must be located together near to a main access way leading into the space in question.

OPENING TIME (NF EN 12101-2). As soon as the order for a remote-controlled system by stand-alone fire activated safety device is acceptance checked, the safety device must automatically be placed in safety position in under 60 seconds.

INSTALLING SINGLE-USE CO2 CARTRIDGE PNEUMATIC SAFETY SYSTEMS (APS) (NF S 61-392, 81-1). Single-use APS comprising a CO2 cartridge must not be installed in locations likely to be exposed to temperatures of - 20°.

SECTIONS FOR SINGLE-USE APS (NF S 61-932, 5-4-3). Within a single section of over 500m2, the section must be divided into two zones of similar size, in which the networks and supply systems must be completely separate. Each of these zones must cover the whole of the section, with the safety devices distributed in staggered rows.

PNEUMATIC CONECTIONS (NF S 61-932, 6-2). They must be made from copper or stainless steel. The joins must only be sealed metal-on-metal (deformable switch system). They must be routed inside rooms not exposed to frost or effectively protected against frost.

ENERGY RESERVES FOR PERMANENT OR LIMITED USE APS (NF S 61-932, 5-4-2). This reserve must be dimensioned to allow three openings, including the interim closings of the safety devices, making a total of five manoeuvres. An exception is granted for permanent use APS backed up by a generator-powered electrical safety system and which comprise a reserve dimensioned to allow the safety device to go to safety position once only.

PROTECTION (NF S 61-932, 5-6-2-1). The tubes must be protected if accessible at authorisation level 0.

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