Public buildings

Public building classification categories

Public buildings Category 1: over 1,500 people
- Category 2: 701 to 1,500 people
- Category 3: 310 to 700 people
- Category 4: fewer than 300 people, but more than category 5
- Category 5: establishments with workforces, defined by activity type, which are below the indicated thresholds (see table below).

TYPE L Concert, conference and meeting halls
Performance and screening spaces, or multiple-usage spaces
TYPE N Restaurant or drinking establishment
TYPE O Hotel or boarding house
TYPE P Dance or games hall
Crèche, nursery school, kindergarten, day nursery
TYPE R Boarding school, Holiday camp
Other educational establishment
TYPE S Library or document centre
TYPE T Exhibition hall
TYPE U Health establishment without accommodation
with accommodation
hospital nursery
TYPE V Place of worship
TYPE W Government department, bank
TYPE X Indoor sporting facility
TYPE Y Museum
TYPE OA High altitude hotels-restaurants
TYPE GA Stations open to the public


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