Regional Council Headquarters
Région Nord-Pas de Calais - 59000 LILLE

The Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council concluded that its presence on four different sites posed a problem and decided to build a headquarters.

Three objectives:
Regional Council Headquarters improve the working conditions for elected members and services on a single welcoming (for 1,200 people), functional and user-friendly site;
- enhance the image of the region by giving it a physical identity with an emblematic location on the way into Lille;
- comply with sustainable development goals by using new technologies.

Sticking points:
Smoke ventilation system combining natural and mechanical solutions:
- Smoke ventilator in horizontal facade outlet on CF duct for smoke extraction and fresh air supply in blank (windowless) spaces.
- Smoke ventilator in horizontal facade outlet on CF duct for smoke ventilation and fresh air supply in stairwells.
- Protection of mechanical smoke ventilators where the flue emerges on a plant-covered roof with electric opening and position switches before the mechanical ventilators are opened (pressure 50 Pascal/m2).
- Having a minimum number of consumables for verification and maintenance of smoke ventilation installations.

Solution chosen: 20 CERTILAM T SOUCHIER with aluminium louvers, with or without heat insulation.
Supporting peripheral frame or metal upstand.
Electrical opening and closing mechanism with fire safety system control.
Opening and closing position switches.
SOUCHIER electrical control unit with uninterruptible power supply and fire safety system control.

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Project owner/Engineering Office: Conseil Général du Nord-Pas de Calais
Project supervisor: Conseil Général du Nord-Pas de Calais
Main contractor: Groupement PMN, Delattre, Goyer

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